Why I do fine art photography

So some of you might know I’ve been a wedding photographer quite some time. None of that is on this website… But I think it’s good to mention where I come from. Wedding photography goes well for me. I love it and I get a lot of clients. I even got nominated for the Dutch Wedding Photo Award, which is so amazing! I did this for about 3 years when I started to figure out what more I could do in photography. What catches my eye, what are the purposes of my stories. Now I knew I loved photographing women, and I loved sparkly dreamy things. But what else… Why in the world would I want to photograph anything else?

From an early age I had quite the imaginary life. During the daytime I would play with my imaginary friends in the park behind the house. Where I would build huts to keep them warm. At night I often had trouble sleeping. In my mind I designed a treehouse where I would go every night. I would imagine what it would look like and what kinds of adventures I would have there. It made me feel calm and at peace. This was a place where I was safe and where I belonged. All my childhood I was looking for that place different than this world. I was a very contemplating child and also very serious. I thought about the meaning of life very often and could not understand our world. On the news I saw wars and children starving, I resented it. I resented this world, so I made one of my own. As a contradiction I was also a very vibrant kid. Loved to play in the woods and climb things, always doing something (without thinking). I loved to discover new things.

As I grew older my fantasy worlds fell away. They became overruled by my daily life and I had found my place. Later in my teens I felt I had found what I missed in my early years through my new-found faith. There I found my peace, rest and the meaning for my life. After I found photography as a creative outlet it brought me back to those fantasy images I have had in my younger years. I wondered if there was something I could do to bring them out for the whole world to see. The funny thing is, is that most of the images already exist in my head without (it seems) meaning. But when I work on them, always a meaning starts to come forward. It helps me to understand where I am at a certain point of my life or it carries a encouraging message for myself. Somehow it reflects my spiritual life. I don’t know how this happens, it just does.

So you could say fine art photos to me are a way to find out what is moving me at a certain point in time. Besides that, I want to show people what is living in my mind. I love to share people some insights on what is in my heart and mind. It’s not something you can show everyday.

In the near future I will be writing small blogs about every image I make. Not all of the fine art photo’s in my portfolio have a story (some are just for decoration), but the photo’s with people in it often carry a deeper message. I hope you will keep coming back to my blog to find out! Also, in the future I will be uploading YouTube movies about how I make them and how I edit them. So if you want to learn how to make these… Please follow me on YouTube to keep up to date!

Here are a few pictures I did in the last few months.


fine art

This is my most recent fine art photo. The first one taken inside instead of outside. Sometimes images don’t really work out the way you thought they would. This one is called “Sweet dreams”. It’s about my journey to take rest. I have the trouble that I am a very dynamic and ambitious person. And sometimes that is really something I can’t handle. So I need to take rest. To reflect and to simply be happy. One of my new year’s resolutions was to take more rest and try to stand still more. Because sometimes in our sleep and in our time of rest we receive the most beautiful things.



I made this image during the workshop of Bella Kotak through the organization Draumlist. I called it “Into the night”. During the workshop we were with a group of people and we shot several images. The next day we would edit one of them to learn editing skills. This is where I discovered my love for fine art. When I got home I started to edit this photo. It was made during the day, so it was not very obvious to turn it into the night. But somehow I felt the night sky would be in order. Eventually the image spoke to me in a time where I felt a little lost. It helped me to understand we need to confront things we are afraid of. Instead of running into the daylight we need to run into the night to find the adventure we need to take on. Bella Kotak is such an inspiration, please visit her website!



This last one is called “From heaven to earth”. We all know 2016 was a very strange year with a lot of sad news worldwide. As you already read, as a child I had difficulties accepting our world. Well, even though I have found my own place, I still struggle with the lack of peace and love in our world. I made this photo during a day where I was contemplating about life and us as human beings. But also about God, because if God is there… Why do these things happen? Of course I have an answer to this through my beliefs, but still I think these are honest questions to ask ourselves. So I was searching for that “wink” of God, as you will. Something that comes from heaven to earth. A little touch of heaven.

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